Colton Dixon proposes

Colton Dixon

Plus new music from Building 429, and Jamie Grace asks for your questions…

Congratulations to Colton Dixon! Earlier this month, Colton proposed to his girlfriend at Disney World and she said yes! Speaking to Disney about the engagement, he said, “After mulling over how and where to propose, I could think of no better place than Walt Disney World. I’ve known that Annie was the one for me for a long time, but God’s timing is always perfect.”

It’s almost time for new music from Building 429! Their latest album Unashamed will be available in stores and online September 25th. It features their latest single “Impossible” and it’s available for preorder now.

Aside from her music, Jamie Grace is known for using her YouTube speak to young people about challenges they may be facing. Now, she wants to hear from you! You can visit the ASK JG page on her website to ask Jamie questions on topics such as school, friendships or dating.

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