for KING & COUNTRY planning a world tour

For King & Country

Plus Meredith Andrews to release a live album, and Holly Starr shares the YES necklace…

for KING & COUNTRY are still riding high after the release of their latest album, burn the ships and they’re ready to take the new music to audiences around the world. The burn the ships World Tour is set to kick off in New Zealand and Australia in January before heading to the States this spring. You can find ticket info below.

Meredith Andrews is putting out her first ever live project called Faith And Wonder (Live) set to release on March 8th. In the months leading up to the release of the six-song EP, she’ll be sharing three digital singles, beginning with “A Million Saints” which will be available this week.

Inspired by the song “Say Yes” on her new album, HUMAN, Holly Starr has unveiled The YES Necklace all about reminding us to say “yes” to God. Starr says she began making these handmade necklaces for her friends but felt they could inspire others as well because she says, “trusting God is not a natural thing. It takes effort. It takes intention.” And these necklaces are a reminder you can wear.


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